Whitley Languedoc

How to live a healthy life with ESSENTIAL OILS

Have you ever played doctor as a child? It was a pretty fun game. What if we could teach you to play doctor as an adult? The dream is to have every household in Canada to have an essential oil kit to replace their medicine cabinet. To have these oils… and KNOW HOW TO USE THEM! On this week’s What the Hack?! Podcast we talk to Dr. Celina Spence about the powerful benefits of essential oils and learn some interesting ways to use them!  Who is Dr. Celina Spence?  Dr. Celina has been in the business of getting and keeping people healthy for 20 years. She is a chiropractor by trade but focuses just as much on what patients do “between” visits to ensure they get maximal results. Dr. Celina makes every effort to practice what she preaches and to “walk the walk”. She is an exercise enthusiast having done everything from Spartan Racing to basketball to most recently even attempting to be a body builder. She works daily on providing a sound nutritional basis for her husband and her two teenage boys. One of her current passions is essential oils and reducing the chemical exposure in everyone’s homes as well as the right brain and emotional benefit they provide. Of all of the things that Dr. Celina may or may not have accomplished her best traits are that she loves with her whole heart and is intent on giving you the very best she can…every time

Hack Your Sugar Cravings with Guest Sarah Roberts

Experts believe that sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Not only that but consuming too much sugar has been linked to a ton of different symptoms including headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, increased thirst and more.  On this episode of What the Hack?! Podcast Dr. Nathalie chats with wellness entrepreneur and the host of the television talk show, REALTalk With Sarah–Sarah Roberts who will be sharing her 5 hacks for banishing sugar. Sarah also shares her story of battling alcohol addiction with us.  Who is Sarah Roberts? Sarah Roberts battled alcohol addiction for over a decade and got sober at the age of 29. She went on a personal journey towards wellness and now shares what she’s learned with others in order to help them create a lifestyle they love. She is a wellness entrepreneur and the host of the television talk show, REALTalk With Sarah. She is also the founder of the sobriety podcast, Sobriety Starts HERE, the author of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge and the founder of the popular blog SarahTalksFood.com. To connect with Sarah, find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @SarahTalksFood or send an email to Sarah@SarahTalksFood.com.

Hack Your Thyroid

On this episode of the What the Hack?! Podcast I tackle thyroid health.

Learn the signs and symptoms of thyroid malfunction and simple hacks you can do to keep your thyroid functioning optimally.

Hack the New Year and Tackle Your Goals

Happy New Year, What the Hack!? Listeners!  On this week’s episode, I’m talking goal-setting and guiding you through some questions that will help you make the most out of 2019! 

Your Health Numbers–Are You Leveraging All the Tests and Tools Available? with Special Guest Dr. Joël Villeneuve

On this week’s What The Hack?! Podcast we will be chatting with special guest, Dr. Joël Villeneuve.

Dr. Joël will be sharing information on various health evaluations and tests that can give us a more complete picture of our health status and guide us into a more personalized approach to natural health!

Who is Dr. Joel Villeneuve?

Dr. Joël Villeneuve, ND is a North American expert in Integrative Medicine, Motivational Coaching, Wellness Media & Founder of Revivelife™. She has recently been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her contribution to health and wellness.

Could You Use a Life Coach?

Are you clear on your goals for 2019? 🎯

Could you use a life coach to help you in the various parts of your life: health, relationships, finances or career?

Find out how a life coach can help you discover the best answers and actions to achieve your goals and rock 2019–with guest Caroline Rochon

Your Brain—Understanding Your Neurotransmitters and How to Support Them Naturally    

Neurotransmitters are often referred to as the body’s chemical messengers.  These chemicals and their interactions are involved in countless functions of the nervous system as well as controlling bodily functions. Find out how you can support them naturally for better brain-body connection.

Could You Benefit From An Online Membership Coaching Program?

In this week’s Podcast find out why I’m a huge fan of online coaching programs and how they can help:  ➕ Give you access to cutting-edge health information ➕ Find natural solutions to your health challenges  ➕Leverage current technology and take charge of your health  ➕ Keep you accountable and motivated 

Food Sensitivities- Do You Have Any?

Bloating, Heartburn, Gas, Abnormal Bowel Movements–all are signs that one might be sensitive to the foods that they are eating!

In this week’s podcast, I shed light on what food sensitivities are and what the science is saying.

Check out these simple Hacks! 

Fasting For Better Health–Just Another Health Fade?

On this week’s podcast, I interview special guest, Dr. Heather Duer Cardin–Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

We will be discussing the benefits of intermittent fasting and block fasting on specific inflammatory health conditions and your overall health!