Why You Should Hire a Health Coach with Sarah Sutin

On this What the Hack Podcast?! we are chatting with Health Coach, Sarah Sutin and learning how a health coach can help you level up your health! 

Sarah shares why:

– A health coach isn’t a nutritionist, therapist, or personal trainer. They help guide you in more holistic approaches. But health coaches in the many cases work well side by side with these other health professionals.  – Coaches are the investment no-one realizes they need. All coaches, athletes, and top business people have coaches for a reason. They are more important than people believe, so be open.  – Everybody is different so not one way of doing something will work for everyone. A health coach helps determine what is right for you, specifically at that chapter in your life.

Who is Sarah Sutin?

Sarah is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in mindful awareness. Performing as a professional circus artist for years, a healthy body was her job. After years of self-trial and error, Sarah discovered some steps in getting healthy that she and many others were constantly ignoring, awareness. Today, she coaches individuals to help them discover and completely shift their health habits for good

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